Friday Night Flight Spotting

Spotting at KMPS during Friday Night Flight, tell me what you think :)


In a way I’m disappointed that @MishaCamp didn’t have a hard landing. Like for IF and multiplayer view that’s a buttery one.

Also the user most likely picked up violations on his flight, demoting him to grade 2. He won’t be able go access his flight after he exits that flight.

My landings were terrible today. Both becuase they had 35knts tailwind/crosswind. A A350 was fine, the CRJ-200 was ridiculous and the full power of the rudder barely kept me on the runway.

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oh do you know him??

The guy with grade 2? No. This is just a general fact about when you see a grade 2 on ES :)

Bruh, KMPS? Where the heck is KMPS?


Cool spotting. I forgot today is Friday. Oops.

Nice spot, you could do this more often. Next time I want to see I haha

Look out the window. “It’s a beautiful day…” 🎵

ohhhhh ok 👍

i’m not sure to be honest

I updated it, my bad 😂😂

sure… :D

Oh thanks lol 😂

My winds were broken so I had a lovely 39kn crosswind. The 777 lands smooth tho 😛


Should see it from my replay. Was a solid 8/10 very satisfying


Screen recording or it didn’t happen.


Man these winds were Blowing those Aircraft. Can’t wait for my turn to be blown off the runway haha.

I greased it on centerline. (As always) Good feeling.

Uhhh, ummmmmm

Sorry my mom says no


It’s true. Winds aloft was broken today while I was controlling. Aircrafts getting up to 40kts tailwind.