Friday Night Flight - Special Delivery

Friday Night Flight - Special Delivery

This weeks FNF will be an all servers event in the Sydney Australia region. Featuring freighter aircraft of any size or type. Get in your favorite freighter aircraft and take your cargo to or from any of the regions airports.

7 full hours to join and enjoy this event.

An ALL servers event. You can choose your level of participation by selecting the server you want.

•Free Flight Server - No violations. Very relaxed environment.

•ATC Playground Server - Violations apply, no ATC Ghosting. Try your best.

•ATC Advanced Server - All violations and rules are strictly enforced. Serious pilots fly here.

Feel free to participate any time during the start and stop times.

• Friday July 31 2015

• Event Start Time - 12:30 PM PDT

• Event End Time - 7:30 PM PDT

• Region: Sydney

• Objectives: Get your cargo delivered.

• Aircraft type: Any freighter or cargo aircraft. Including the C-17

Share your event experiences and photos.

*A valid Live subscription is needed. **PDT is Pacific Daylight Time which is local to the U.S. west coast.

Don’t forget to share your screen shots in the event comments here.


Moved to events :smile:

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@DIsraelFDS Can anybody man ATC in the atc playground or is it reserved?

Can I use another plane if I dont have Cargo?

Well I’m assuming you’re talking big jets, but technically the acessn 208 FedEx/DHL Feeders are freight, you could take them because the 208 is free.

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Ohh yeah thnxs I didnt see that plane? Also there is no one in the free flight. Has the event started here in California?

@Joshua_Campos please note the word “Friday” :relaxed:

Ohh yea my mistake


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I though we put the time in ZULU. But u didnt

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ok ok…ya twisted my arm…i will come to this event…maybe next FNF i would do ATC for the masses

If you read closely it says you can also use the C-17, which I think is free :relaxed:

I think you should make it zulu time since thats what everyone has to do now

In the Playground server its for everybody. Great place to start and practice.

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Well is from 19:30Z to 2:30Z. Or 15:30EST to 22:30EST

I’ll be there! Try to find my plane, callsign N52MX flying this plane.

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Met my buddy while taxiing to the cargo area of the airport (which was incredibly calm).

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Going in game now.

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