Friday Night Flight: Southern Rift Valley - 280600ZFEB20

This will definitely be a fun FNF!

Pretty jealous. Tanzania is on my bucket list. I’d love to go to Zanzibar and fly an Air Tanzania A220.


Going to be enjoying the African Landscape tonight! 👊 Hope to see alot of people in Africa!

Great FNF i really miss south Africa thanks misha :)

Anyone realised that beautiful Kilimanjaro isn’t featured?

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Always fly to DAR with B787-8 of Kenya Airways . I love east africa

Since this FNF has a lot of routes that cross over northeast Africa, I’d recommend checking out this website if you’re a huge realism person.

It will show you NOTAMs of specific countries and certain airspace’s to avoid/use caution in, so you can plan your flight accordingly. Enjoy!


Nice I will come here like 2 times (like departure or something)

Technically the RV is about 4000mi or 6440km long.

I think because its not as major as Dar Es Salaam but take a flight from Nairobi to Dar you will get a very nice view of the mountain

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Decision made: it’s worth staying up past my bedtime to fly when it starts.

very nice and original FNF, thanks a lot!

Aircraft crisscross Somalia and North Eastern Kenya on a daily basis. Just steer clear of Yemen if flying from the Middle East and Libya if flying from Europe.

Me too, in fact i live here

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just fly from Dar es Salaam to Mombasa or vice versa close to HTKJ, you’ll have a nice view of Mt. Kilimanjaro

I’m aware of that, but there are certain restrictions on altitude.

Welcome to the IFC!

Welcome to IFC @mudimbe!