Friday Night Flight: Southern Rift Valley - 280600ZFEB20


African Friday Night Flights are always an amazing experience! For the most part, African airports are ignored, so highlighting them is a pleasure. This week we head to the east coast. This area is known the being the location of the Great Rift Valley. This geographical scar across a huge swathe of Africa is both dramatic yet beautiful.

Airports open will be located generally to the south-east of the main Rift Valley. All of these airports are single runway, however, together offer a huge array of international flights. To cater to the decreased capacity of these airports, the island airports of FIMP/FMEE/FSIA will be open. These provide a beautiful destination to fly to from the main African landmass.

Please note the Nairobi Airport [HKJK] will remain closed to all traffic for the entire day. A TFR will be in place for this.

How Long is the Great Rift Valley?

  • 4500KM
  • 9000KM
  • 6000KM
  • 2300KM

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Event Specifics

Event Specifics

Server: Any
Aircraft: Any
Livery: Any

FNF Event Hours:

Begin - Friday 28th February @ 06:00 ZULU

End - Saturday 29th February @ 06:00 ZULU

February 28, 2020February 29, 2020


HRYR Kigali
HKMO Mombassa
HTZA Zanzibar
HTDA Dar Es Salaam
FSIA Seychelles
FMCZ Dzaoudzi Pamandzi
FMEE Réunion
FIMP Mauritius


Nairobi Airport is closed to all traffic. There is no single hub this week.


Thanks Misha! Looking forward to it!

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Looks like a good excuse to fly in Africa!


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this fnf will be amazing! Can’t wait


Ooh, can’t wait! I have to look into these airports 🤔

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They are beautiful! There are a huge amount of routes to them all by major airlines. You’d be surprised 🙂


I’ve personally been to HTDA cause I’m Tanzanian 🇹🇿✊🏾 and their new terminal is great.


Ooooh - an African FNF - Nice!

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Can’t wait to be there as always!

Something different for a change. Really looking forward to it (:

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Africaaaaaa!!! This has to be one of the most unique FNFs in a while 🙌🏾

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Good idea with the airport selections. As much as Nairobi holds a special place in my heart, it’s good to move away from the hubs once in a while 👍🏾

Welcome to IFC! Hope ull have a great time here, any question u have - itll be answered here guranteed

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Yes it will be interesting FNF! 😀
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