Friday Night Flight - Singapore Sectional @ WSSS - 091730ZJUN17

Hey everyone!

Join us for this week’s Friday Night Flight:
Singapore Sectional

WSSS is the location for our FNF this week as we feature Singapore Airlines and celebrate WSSS becoming the World’s Best Airport (According to Skytrax 2017). Come out in your favorite aircraft wearing the Singapore Airlines livery. Let’s all join in and make this another huge and great event!!

Post your best screenshots for a chance to have it shared on our Official Infinite Flight Instagram page at

Region: Singapore

Follow all ATC instructions (when available).
Ghosting will be enforced.

Server: All Servers Event (Your choice)
Airport: WSSS
Aircraft: Any Singapore Aircraft
FNF Event Hours:
Begin - Friday 06/09 @ 17:30 ZULU (10:30am PDT)
End - Saturday 06/10 @ 9:30 ZULU (2:30am PDT)

Be respectful of everyone who is flying, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

See everyone in Singapore!!!


Will try to come to this event

WSSS as the world “best” airport? Clearly these critics have never been or seen KRHV Reid Hillview. Hopefully if they see this, it’ll convince them that no other airport compares to RHV.

Just look at these rotting planes! How old and fragile they appear! So beautiful 😍. The visitors even get a great view of them, since they’re forced to taxi by the boneyard to get to transient parking. That’s obviously, the best way to welcome visitors to your airport!

Oh, and the weeds. Can’t leave those out! Reid Hillview is known to locals as Weed Hillview, as the weeds in some locations can get up to your waist. But if you ever spill something on your pants and need to wipe them off, running through the weeds in between 31R and 31L should dry it off. Very convienent and saves paper, since Reid Hillview is known for being very earth friendly!

The airport even waters the dirt in front of the terminal, in attempt to bring grass out of the ground. Although seeds have never been planted, maybe if the airport gets lucky something other than a weed will grow. This will help make the airport look even more beautiful than it already is! This photo was taken back in summer of 2015, when California was in the worst of the drought. Being the amazing airport that it is, they were smart enough to shut off the water for the wash rack, not only so they could do their part in the drought, but also so that they could tick off a few pilots who wanted to wash their planes, only to find out the water was shut off! Those silly pilots, should’ve known before they burned fuel and taxied over to the washrack! But in an attempt to make the airport look better watering the dirt is clearly a better use of water in the midst of a drought, since this is the world’s best airport!

To add onto all those amazing features of the airport, we are known to have the best sunsets in the world! In no other airport in the world, will you get a sunset like the one featured below.

So join me in proving Skytrax wrong, Reid Hillview is the worlds best airport!

Also I should be there for this FNF, sounds fun.


Definitely will come in Singapore Airlines B787-10 😆❤

Thanks for making this event Mark! I have been waiting for this for months 😊. Best FNF in my humble opinion 😄


Seriously, were SkyTrax even sober when they decided that Changi was better than that?

Anyway, nice event


Lovely global pic, the 787 looks great in that light.

Would be great if most people would actually show up in a SIA aircraft. :)


I’ll hit it with my best shot again. Even though you previously said I “capped out” on IG features.

I will try to be there! Looks great!

Will be there!!! Look forward to it

We are trying to fully staffed ATC frequencies, including center and departures… as a guideline this is what we have been planing to do:


  • Expect heading to fix BOBAT than heading 300 cruise at FL200,FL220,FL240
  • Expect hand over to approach at fix SALAX at FL100-120


  • Expect heading towards VMKM VOR cruise between FL210,FL230,FL250
  • Expect handover to approach at fix RELIB FL80-FL100

Please make sure you file a flight plan, a direct one is okay as we are planning to have all frequencies open, but ground may not clear you for taxi before you have a flight plan

****Final Disclaimer: these are just plans we are trying to follow, they may change based on traffic and many other factors, as always please follow instructions :).


All aircraft on Expert Server: at WSSS and WMKK we are requiring a flightplan before pushback. Anyone without a flightplan filed will not be allowed to push back.

Please remember no pattern work and to expect delays as the region is already very busy (especially on approach into WMKK)

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Great event Mark.
Saw @DeerCrusher and @dylan_dylan31 during my flight, as well as @Mix56awesome

I’d also like to give a shoutout to the controllers. Brilliant service. Names that spring to mind are @dush19, @Adrien, @MannyG and @IFATC-Tim. Thanks guys!


Thank you! Your comments are appreciated. Glad you enjoyed!


Great job controlling the busy airspace at WMKK.

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Great event. Saw many IFC Member! Sorry I wasn’t flying in a Singapore Airlines aircraft.

@Hamza_Adan Saw you taking off;) Also how was my landing?

@DarthPilot Saw you landing at WMKK. Great Parallel Landing

@Puncakes @dylan_dylan31 Saw you from a distance

@International ? Saw you at WSSS


Sorry, not sorry. 10/10 👏🏼🙄

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Im actually sorry lol. I joined the server not knowing this was an event. I was mid flight until I found this post