Friday Night Flight - Scandinavian Soiree @ EKCH - 060700ZJUL18

Hey everyone!

Join us for this week’s Friday Night Flight:
Scandinavian Soiree

We head up to a little north to feature SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) and Copenhagen Airport (EKCH) with the release of the of the CRJ-900 and wing flex on the Airbus 320 family. Come out in your favorite SAS aircraft and show some flex at EKCH. Lets fill up the skies and the ramp along with having some fun. We are looking forward to seeing some awesome screenshots from this week’s event as well!

Post your best screenshots on Instagram and tag us for a chance to have one featured on our social media pages. NOTE: All screenshots must be clean (without HUD, tags, etc), and all settings on HIGH to be considered. Simply tag us using @Infinite_Flight, or use hashtags #infiniteflight #fridaynightflight

Server: All Servers Event (Your choice)
Airport: EKCH
Aircraft: Any SAS Aircraft NOTAMS: There are no established routes for this event.
(Pattern work at controller’s discretion based on airport traffic conditions outside of peak hours)
Follow all ATC instructions (when available).
Ghosting will be strictly enforced.

FNF Event Hours:
Begin - Friday 07/06 @ 07:00 ZULU (12:00am PDT)
End - Saturday 07/07 @ 07:00 ZULU (12:00am PDT)

Be respectful of everyone who is flying, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

See everyone in during this week’s FNF!!

Happy and Safe Landings!



Scandinavia Here I Come!!.. Although I’m Already Here 😜

This’ll be my last FNF in two weeks period as i’m going on vacation, finally!!

I hope to see y’all at there in Scandinavia, you’ll probs see me flying to smaller airports this time around and possibly one long haul, gotta push one of those long flight into my schedule ;)

Anyways definitely looking forward to this week’s FNF, imma be sure to bring my SAS Planes, B737, A320, CRJ-900, A330 😎

Although we had a FNF featuring SAS back in March this year, we didn’t have the CRJ-900 in SAS livery back then and neither was A320 family reworked. This time around as always fly which ever SAS plane your want but the main focus is on the A320 & CRJ-900 which i quite like. It’s a brand new FNF and it is unique in its own way.

  • No more complaining, oh we have had this once before and so on so forth!

Do yourself a favour and try to explore some of the smaller airports around Scandinavia 😃
There are flights with smaller aircraft (B737, A320 & CRJ-900) connecting from EKCH as well as ESSA and ENGM to these smaller airports around Scandinavia 😋

Although EKCH is on focus, i’m sure ESSA and/or ENGM will be opened at some point and not to give to much pressure on IFATC and not to complain why you weren’t allowed to land because of immense amount of heavy traffic, please do explore the Beautiful Region of Scandinavia. And of course as earlier mentioned, EKCH has multiple flights to some of the suggested routes i’ve listed down below 👇


Bergen Airport, Flesland // [IATA: BGO, ICAO: ENBR]

Sola Air Station (Stavanger) // [IATA: SVG, ICAO: ENZV]

Kristiansand Airport, Kjevik // [IATA: KRS, ICAO: ENCN]


Malmö (Sturup) Airport // [IATA: MMX, ICAO: ESMS]

Skellefteå Airport // [IATA: SFT, ICAO: ESNS]

Umeå Airport // [IATA: UME, ICAO: ESNU]


Hans Christian Andersen Airport (Odense) // [IATA: ODE, ICAO: EKOD]

Aalborg Airport // [IATA: AAL, ICAO: EKYT]


Ey, it’ll be the Sky Team event all over again! excited to be on the controlling side this time at least

That will be an interesting place to check out in IF Thanks…

This should be interesting… i usually fly from heathrow; cant wait till the event begins!

I have been waiting for this, i am super-excited!!!

I can recommand these flights:


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Nice one Mark. Will be flying ZRH Flights I think… can‘t wait. May do some controlling too 💪

Maybe reading my post above might tell you how this one is different from the last one.
And also how you yourself could make it to be a different experience than the previous time we were at Scandinavia during FNF…

This is in my opinion a great opportunity to test out the CRJ-900 and A320 for those who haven’t or for those who want to keep flying it even more in controlled aerospaces!

That’s true, I am doing something different from what I did for the last one.

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I am excited for this! I will be flying KSFO-EKCH overnight on an SAS A330-300 (I know it is usually flown by a A343 but that is not in infinite flight). This should be fun!

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Using a b737 or a crj for this FNF. I prefer the a330 in real life but in IF it’s just not detailed as much as
the other SAS aircraft.

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Good to see Scandinavia for FNF! I plan on streaming a flight tomorrow!


Help me decide what aircraft I should fly during the FNF!!!

  • B738
  • A320
  • CRJ900

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Awesome, I’m definetly going to pop down there!

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ON my way in from Singapore. Longest flight out of EKCH

one stupid question : if FNF says “airport : EKCH”, does it mean we fly to EKCH, or from EKCH? or it can be both?

It can be whatever you want! I could fly in from space in an F-22 space fighter for crying out loud or I can go into space with an F-16 Galactic Fighter!

But in all seriousness fly in or fly out, you choose it’s FNF :)

See you guys there 😀

it seems, I have to go there later, surely the people will fly there and the atmosphere of Cophenhagen airport will to be crowded, and of course I will do “Plane Spotting”.