Friday Night Flight: Roman Times @ LIRF - 220600ZMAR19

Halfway through my 20 hour flight to Rome. I wonder if there will be any delays upon arrival? 🤔



Probably. LIRF will be very busy for most of the day.


@Cicciuzzu9 Misha is doing that flight right now!

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See me controlling LIRA soon. Rome’s second and smaller airport. Feel free to stop by, but remember you will be ghosted flying from LIRA-LIRF or back.

Soo happy to see Rome with lots of traffic 😁 finally being used to it’s potential🇮🇹🙂

Rome is currently not accepting arrivals at this time.

Without approach it’s not really fun. The crowd is too much. Also , It was a disaster about 2 hours when tower closed in LEBL and everybody started to behave like on casual server. Cutting in, taking off through each other and so on. Thank you tower LIRF , I got in fine,but wished there would have been an approach. Happy landings

Why is this ?

idk if they are now but the airport was to full

Glad to have been of assistance.

I was accepting arrivals…

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when i was flying in tower told me airport was not accepting arrivals and i diverted to naples so no worries im flying back to rome now from dublin ill be there in like 55 min

i was flying to Rome (my hometown) from LEBL when tower also told me airport was not accepting arrivals and diverted to Napoli and followed Justin and Blue one 16, it was great and i was able to see the Mount Vesuvius.

Hey there,
Please make a separate topic in the #screenshots-and-videos category if you want to share any screenshots of your flight, make sure to follow the rules on using this. And give more valid description in regards of sharing any photos. Thanks.

Oké, thanks. I’ll do it next time

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Just got 2 hours before arrival.

Just flew in on my second flight into rome

Nice flight from dublin with @GraemePorter25

I feel bad for Rome’s approach controller. Aircraft are flooding in, but they are all way too high and way too fast. Poor guy is doing his best for the aircraft, but they aren’t helping him back.

However, I really love being vectored in with tons of other aircraft, so I enjoy the traffic.


Ummm… I’m halfway across the country by now. Controller told me to expect vectors. Gave me a descent, and a turn. Now I’m chugging along 50 nm from the airport at 11,000 feet. Maybe he forgot about me…?
Rolling with it for now!!! I’m sure he knows best.