Friday night flight request

Hi guys! I have a special request for a friday night flight…

Last week, a firefighter Air Tractor took of from LESB where I have been doing some work experience. It sadly never came back. After a few days, they found it in the sea yesterday😔😔

So in honour of the pilot Antonio Alfaro who has sadly passed away protecting the island of Mallorca from bush fires, I would love to see a Son Bonet (LESB) fly-in, in any GA prop aircraft to commemorate his life…


Hey @calsy2311!

I’m very happy that you are acknowledging this tradgedy, but I’m am pretty sure that FNF is planned in advance, so it may not happen. I would suggest creating an event in #live:events (assuming you are TL2) and then you can plan the event in a way you want, because I don’t think it will happen.

However, I’m not one to be pessimistic, so who knows! Your best bet is to get Mark on here, because he organizes FNF.

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I dont decide FNF, so not realy who you want to convence, but I like the Idea…

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Not you, Skyhawk, I believe he is the one that plans FNF?

Yes, I am TL2, but I think a FNF gets a load more pilots, and It would be fun to have activity on mallorca… but even if it is planned in advance, it could be scheduled for in a few weeks maybe

Rest In Peace and whoever he was thank him for his service


Okay, that was just my suggestion. Best of luck!

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Ya, it is him, but I was not per say responding to your post just generally saying I was not the guy…

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