Friday Night Flight: QF9/10 @ EGLL/YPPH - 020600ZAUG19

Nice. :)
But wait, I don’t get the NOTAM.
so we’re not allowed to land In London If not coming from Perth or what? I’m confused XD.

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No just don’t fly from london airport to another London airport @IFflyer

Oh, got it. 👌 thanks a lot.

Dang this looks like such a good FNF. Sadly my subscription expired. Hope you all have a fun day tomorow

For some vague reason I thought the same. But I’m yet anxious for South America …

Big thank you from all of us at QANTAS Virtual, what a great FNF!



What do you think would happen at a busy event? You have to be prepared.

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Does anyone want to spawn at a certain time together and do the route together?

I’m so sad I’m unable to attend I have never done this flight before and was going to do it as a group flight but now it’s a FNF and I’m unable to attend.

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Shucks I need to leave now… to get there in the morning! 17+ hour flight! Long haul time!

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Will the route be busier from London to Perth or vice versa?

Probably Perth to London


Yay really excited 😆

Which server is it going to be hosted?

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It’s stated above.

Read “Event Details”; it’s on any server.

Oh my mother of god… gonna love this FNF!


It wasn’t this time!

What time will it be EST

Great event, wish we could have the actual, new QF livery that they use for this route in real life