Friday Night Flight: Puente Aéreo @ LEBL/LEMD - 120600ZAPR19

What aircraft options do I have?

You can fly any route, and with any livery. Misha merely recommends various routes and airlines, but in the end it’s pilots discretion.

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Iberia 6300 inbound from RJAA

Just flew Barcelona to Madrid, generic 737-800! Thanks ATC! Nice approach! Awesome flight!

Anyone for LEMD-LEBL in 15?

Anyone flying out soon?

I wish we had a 717 or a319 Volotea livery :(

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*bribes for an SJC FNF :D XD

if only

simply looking at stats i can imagine what they did,that’s almost 1 violation per landing.

landing in 6 hours in madrid from sao paulo :D

Oh don’t get me started. Don’t want to have a go at them, just constructive feedback.

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Double Trouble With @MishaCamp!


is LEMD ATC going to be online soon in training server?

Can the next FNF be Boston Logan.

Wish I had a better FNF. But of coarse the controllers have to ruin it for me like always

I’m sorry that you didn’t enjoy this weeks FNF event :( Controllers today were extremely busy and diligent trying to accommodate every aircraft. Controllers are the reason that we have such fantastic FNF events! If I may ask, what caused your displeasure with this weeks event?

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I was just reported for spamming atc while I would not consider it spamming. It’s fine I’ve already contacted the controller and he considers it spamming

landing at Madrid after a 9 hour flight in less then 10 minutes and theres no other aircraft and no ATC in the training server :(

ATC on the training server cannot be guaranteed. Airports on the training server use a first come basis system that is available for all users to use. The expert server utilizes IFATC who are trained air traffic controllers within IF. These controllers will try to stay open at as many of the scheduled airports as possible during the FNF. Hope this helps!