Friday Night Flight Postponed

Due to the Live login issues this week, FNF is postponed until next Friday, 07APR17. Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding while being unable to log into Live. Earlier this evening, we received notification that the issue had been resolved/fixed.

See you next week for Friday Night Flight!


Sad that it happend friday night flight is the high light of the week


very disappointing. Hope we can log in next week!

This is one of the best days to fly on expert. Unfortunate FNF had to be cancelled.

Arrgh I can never usually make FNF but this week I can. Annoying that it isn’t on.


Agreed. However today, even with no official event, the Amsterdam region was busy both on Expert and TS1. Got some good flying time on Expert and ATC time on TS1. I find it that generally Expert has one region that has some activity in the afternoon (not so much late at night).

I was trying to find the FNF topic and now I just see this. Sad to see it gets postponed =/

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I like the Friday Night Flight events. Look forward to the next one.

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