Friday Night Flight - Post-Hurricane Fly-In @ KMIA - 071730ZOCT16

It was already covered in the post above the IFATC have been briefed on it again and i never said its something i would do its just a new feature we got i just wanted @LaroseRoyce to know about


I’ll just walk outside. Should be just as fun ;)

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all iOS users have lost their 787 so

We should be receiving an expedited update for the new hot fix

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Post-hurricane for Florida, during Hurricane for me! 😭

An event I will for sure be attending 😊



109 MPH!?!?! You can fly a 172 into the wind and literally fly backwards by flying forwards!!! If the winds came from 090 and you were heading directly east at 100MPH, you would have a ground speed of -9MPH. You can actually fly the airplane without any power (assuming the flight controls are mechanical) and if you can maintain 109 MPH with whatever pitch is required, you could hover the airplane off the ground without any power whatsoever. Amazing.

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A Super D is great in high winds; you can hover and fly backwards. So fun!

Just got to watch that 550 GS in a commercial airliner that’s all. 😀😉

If airports in SoFlo are like this now, later on they should be even better!

I still have mine

When is the event on? New York time?

I will be there as always, maybe in the 787 which I still have 😜
Looking forward to some nice crosswind landings and ATC fun after flying 😎

I plan to come but I am using the auto land feature because I am a noob at landing anything without auto land. Sorry. You will see me there. :) Please don’t hate me for using auto land…

When I get back from New York state I’m coming on.

“The boys are back in town” @AdamCallow @Xpheros




It’s over there

An airport fit for grade 4’s




I just had such an outstanding ATC session in KMIA with great help on approach and center.
It was a lot of fun and even more traffic 😉 Wow. Hard to imagine, but taking both tower and ground was indeed possible, although a bit busy 😎 Thank you guys for helping me and thank you pilots for following the rules! That’s what IF is all about, A LOT OF FUN!! 👏🏼👍🏼

I was strugglin’ to get my cessna down there…

lol I saw looked pretty interesting ngl