Friday Night Flight Pictures - Cancún's Sunny Beaches!

Hey IFC!

I thought I might share a couple of some pictures on my flight from Toluca to Cancún that I just finished up. I flew the Airbus A320 in the Viva Aerobus livery. Hope you all enjoy!

Rotating out of Toluca at around 3:45 PM EST. The person behind me is @cj_ek.

This was the climb on the way up out of Toluca.

Cancún’s very blue beaches. Around FL130 here.

Throwing it to down here in Cancún after around two hours of flying.

I hope you all enjoyed this flight as much as I did! I highly recommend trying out this route! I apologize for the low quality as some of these were taken during the stream I did.


Great pictures but I have a question

Why are there 2 space shuttle carriers here?!?!?!?!?!?


Ayy i have to :)

That was my exact question when I was on short final. I’ll have to see their IFC usernames and ask them what they were up to haha.

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Awesome pictures!

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Thanks sir :)

Yep! Anytime mate.

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Those NASA 747s were either one of the following pilots: @Kyle0705, @DannyHL, @Jakub_Astary, @NJ24 or @Edoardo_C. Take your guesses lol. We’re risking our Grade 5s to fly MMUN → ESSA in NASA 747s with less fuel than the ETA…


We are living outside of the comfort zone 😌


Fair enough lol

Seems risky but fun


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Seems legit. Hope you guys had fun!