Friday Night Flight - Paris Air Show @ LFPB - 231730ZJUN17

I was like looking through all the dates of FNF and I almost thought it wasn’t happening this week

Are any of the testers flying from KPAE to the Airshow or from Toulouse? #BoeingIsBetterThenAirbus

Well there’s no difference than having fun I suppose 😂

Will definitely come but on CASUAL server

RIP, we haven’t the Rafale ☹️

Will come with Airbus Colors then :)

Let’s enjoy the 346 and the Babybus :p

I am joining in a 787-8 Air India Livery. Call sign Air India 121

@Mark_Denton @NEO @Joe
You guys coming?
If so what server, I want to formation fly with you guys!

And l will drop by in my AV-8B …unlike you l won’t need a rwy !!!

Bet the traffic is going to be worse than LAX at peak hours! Looking forward to it.

@Mark_Denton love the vertical takeoff
L’event etait tres bien


LOL I love doing those. Always so much fun!


I might pop along later :)

You know what server? if it’s expert then, I can’t make it, I want to see all the Mods doing a formation, try to get as many people as possible because that would be beautiful

We all fly on the Expert Server for FNF.


Awwwww, I wanted to see you guys fly

To pilots: when taking off from LFPG, do not expect immediate access to the runways at LFPB. Please do not take off, and then cut in the line of the other inbounds.

@joe in FNF and had a nice time chasing @Mark_Denton to LFPB

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When you made that extreme vertical climb like a fighter…did you pop any of those cans of Mountain Dew on board !!!

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LOL No. I always have the bottle when I fly. Less messy.


Ma foie mon très cher ami virtuel je vous prierai de ne pas faire de fautes d’orthographe dans la langue de Molière

But the event will be more adapted for TD no? On Casual Server…