Friday Night Flight Parallel Landing At Barcelona (With Parallel Approach)

After finishing my Rome to Barcelona Flight which had a landing I was really happy with, I decided to view the replay footage of the flight to view my takeoff and landing. However, while viewing the replay of the landing I saw something unknown to me while I was actually doing the landing. I was landing parallel with another plane! I think this is the first time this happened to me in IF. (Although I’m not sure because I only discovered this using the replay, and Live replay was only around for a few days, so there is a chance I could have had a parallel landing in the past but just didn’t realize it, Either way, it’s a highlight).

Route: Rome-Barcelona
Server: Expert Server
Time: Noon
My callsign for this flight was Alitalia 387 so whenever you hear the controller talk to Alitalia 387, that is me. (Although I think it only happens once in this video since the controller issued my landing clearance before the point of where the video started).

Without Further Ado, Here is the video:

Also, here screenshot I took of the landing in replay mode shortly before the touchdown as an added bonus. (became the video’s thumbnail, but now it’s in a higher resolution because youtube thumbnail limit is 1280x720, but this websites picture limit is higher than that so enjoy)


(Small disclaimer, on replay mode the landing, looks a lot harder than it actually was, while flying the landing was actually really smooth)

also please feel free to tell me in the replies what you think about the image and video.