Friday Night Flight: Over and Out @ UK and Canary Islands - 040600ZOCT19

I done a flight today on Thomas Cook a321 from Manchester to Lanzarote.

The destination airport in FPL is different from what is on the route…


Another amazing FNF from Misha as always! Can’t wait for amazing pilots and IFATC attending there.

Press F to pay respects to Thomas Cook
Anyways too bad I’m stacked tomorrow so I can’t join


Its Kinda more of a Saturday Afternoon Flight For me!


Will ATC be active in all the airport on the ES?

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At one time? Probably not. We will do our best, but keep in mind that our controllers have personal lives outside of IF as well.


I’m gonna recreate my holiday flight to Tenerife from 3 years ago.

Great FNF Misha and may you rest in peace Thomas Cook.


Some Photos of me just now, I was in australia when I was on the qantaslink

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Last week… I was taxiing at KLAS… I caught this… could of been the last flight to Las Vegas!


see you there

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Definitely will squeeze a flight in later. I was doing a bit of plane spotting the other day in Belfast international and seen a few Thomas cook airliners come in. Hard to imagine it’s the end for Thomas cook.

RIP Thomas cook 👍🇨🇮

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ill try to be there

Doing some streaming now ))))


I’m just glad we can still fly Thomas Cook in infinite flight to keep remembering them


I don’t here much about Thomas cook because where I live is in NYC but I know Thomas cook was a airliner and I rarely saw there aircraft but I respected them and sad that a LOT of people just loss there job just like that in seconds hopefully they can get there money and come back but for now Thomas won’t be cooking for a long time


I went on Thomas Cook back in July. 22nd to be specific. When I heard the announcement of the collapse, I was devastated. Looking back to my purchases that I made on board. (And the safety card that I ‘borrowed’ cough) remembering how great that airline was and how all the staff made me happy. I’m glad I got to experience the Thomas Cook company before it went on one of their medium hall (DLM-GLA).


Link is just to my trip report of Thomas cook.

Thomas Cook may never fly again, but it does not stop us from loving and enjoying Thomas Cook on Infinite Flight.

Rest easy, Thomas Cook. Although I never flew with them, it’s always a sad sight to see any airline go out of business. They will be dearly missed.

How can I request a FNF?

You can’t, Misha decides or he make a thread for people to request then picks the best ones and releases a poll to vote for one.