Friday Night Flight: Operation Hercules - 100600ZAPR20

@MishaCamp having fun in your F-16, zooming by me lol? If ya need fuel and don’t want to land, ill be up and about for a few hours:)

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I’m also up over the sea for a few hours between OTBH and OMAM. DC-10F happy to do refueling. Call sign: Air Force 203

Going to be up now around omam if you need fuel come join

Long hauls are quite a difficult choice. I got my idea of a long haul from @AlphaSeven which was KADW-OTBH

which server is this again?

Expert Server

I was just caught up on my an F14 and he hung around (he was clearly wanting a refuel) - I couldn’t provide a refuel because I only had an hour spare - so I changed my callsign to NOREFUEL and he left…lol

This looks cool tbh

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I’m so sad that I can’t participate because I’ve been reported and moved down to grade 2… One of the best events I’ve ever seen and I can’t attend it, in the near future, could you please do another event like this?

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I will be piloting a tanker for mid air refueling sorties this afternoon for whoever wishes to join! (4:30pm MST) either 2 or 1 hr refuel sorties, both pre established. Cruise speed/alt for both will be FL180/IAS300

Currently over central Turkey enroute KFLL-ORKK descending to FL240 if someone needs fuel in the next 45 mins. Callsign Air Force 55.

I am REDCON 2 @ ORKK if anyone wants to fly! Callsign: Airforce717

Any refuelers up?

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Whats your callsign?

  1. Just took off from BGTL. Was trying catch one group in front but ATC slowed me down as I forgot about speed restrictions.

I cannot find you, are you on expert?

Been flying for 8 and a half hours… probably have another 4 hours to go… flying the a-10 refueling sortie. call sign Texaco.

Heading up for CAS call departing OTBH CS: SAW10 AC130.

howd you get that? been looking for a way to get my flight path

I see a group of 2-3 fuelers off the coast. I’m heading there in my trusty F-22. Auto throttle set to 299 IAS in the TFR. I got the need for speed!