Friday Night Flight: Operation Hercules - 100600ZAPR20

@Fernando_Quintero That’s an amazing photo! Perhaps you should post it to #screenshots-and-videos? I really like it.

I will do that! I believe the other pilots in my formation took some good ones as well. I’ll encourage them to post!


So if we fly a commercial flight and cruise over the TFR at say FL370, will we be ghosted?

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that’s what the NOTAM says

I don’t get what you mean. I’ve also seen people fly over it in non-military aircrafts

We IFATC controllers will not ghost commercial aircraft as long as they stay out of our way and don’t contact our frequency. They (non-military aircraft) can come into the TFR areas but just can’t interfere with our operations. If you want to fly into Doha, for example, you are free to do so as long as you don’t contact OTBH tower.


Alright thanks for the heads up! I just got confused because the TFR said FL430 haha

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Will be doing refueling operations east of orkk along the iraq-iran border.
Altitude FL290 at mach .82
Callsign VIPER42


I think there is a topic for this.

You will probably get more people to come if you post it there. :)

I have really enjoyed this FNF - probably been hand flying this KC-10 for probably about 12 hours over 5 flights around the middle east (VFR)

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@DXJ-17 & @AirForce298 appreciate the flight escort topped off twice or thrice did ya? :)

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I’m out at Thule Air Base (BGTL) flying the refuel tanker on the predesignated route if anyone is interested in practicing refueling mid air.

cool :D I love the hercules <3

caught speeding thrice <FL100, therefore not able to make second refueling run at 2200Z :(

Maybe it’s my lack of skill in a fighter but it might be helpful if tankers slow it down a hair. I’ve had a few flights at M1.5 trying to catch guys showing 500kts over the ground.

Hello everyone. My call sign is Air Force 110. If anyone needs refueling.

Where it be?

I’m in an extender up on the one hour route. Will be running 7665N 7660N 7760N 7765N for abour next 8 hours. Cross posting in refuelers thread.

In the future, try contacting the tanker pilot if possible. Generally pilots should follow the 21/21 rule when refuelling; FL210, 210KIAS. This is a speed and altitude in which both the tanker aircraft and fighter aircraft can successfully maintain level flight.