Friday Night Flight: Off Season in Athens @ LGAV - 040600ZJAN19

Central European time is 1 hour ahead. It started earlier today, and will end at 7am tomorrow for you.

Oh thank you so much!

well first FNF of the year the location is great!! ill be there flying from Athens with Alitalia! Aegean Airlines neighbor!! and also flying to Greece’s neighbor Italy 😂😂 can’t wait to see you guys there!!

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I wish we had a Helios livery. But that would include a whole new aircraft.

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Can I join and in what aircraft

You can join this Friday Night Flight in any aircraft, as stated in the main post.

I am grade 3, however I am too scared to go on the expert server because I don’t want to get ghosted if I do something wrong… Can we have some people in the training server in Athens as there is only 3 of us there?

No need to be scared at all. You just have to follow the basic “rules”. If you think you don’t know them good, head to the #tutorials category and double check all the topics regarding ATC procedures.

I am sure some people follow the ATC Schedule on the training server too. You can also request ATC Services by replying on the thread here.

First event I was/am participating in since November, very fun!

@GHamsz made that approach easy! Thank you!

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Hey guys, may I know who was the ATC at Athens on the training server around 3-4 hours ago? He was very good. My call sign was Swiss 001. And I saw a grade 5 pilot by the name of “ATC Flight Check” Do you know him? He is grade 5 with over a million XP! That’s crazy! I had a very pleasant experience guys…

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Looks like an awesome event! Great Work Guys! :)

You can expect m to be there in training :)

To those flying into Athens from the north from around 2040-2100z, apologies for the spotty tower service. Aircraft were disappearing, making it hard to sequence properly. Thanks for bearing with me!

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Nice to see an FNF in Athens I don’t remember the last time when we had an FNF in Greece.

Well done to ATC Snow Cone - Handle with perfection Great FNF guys see you next friday :)

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Coming in for an approach soon, only ground present, hopefully someone can takeover tower and approach soon

Hopefully! Just keep in mind IFATC is voluntary, so controllers will open when they can!

Well i would just like to say that when I was at LGAV and ATC was available they did a fantastic job with the approch sequence and twr/gnd was just fantastic.