Friday Night Flight - NOTAM

Hey community,

I hope we’re all having a great day! As I’m sure many are aware at this point, a large proportion of the staff and moderating team are busy enjoying themselves and discussing the briliance of the soon to be released global update at Warbird Weekend in Atlanta.

For this reason, there will not be an official published Friday Night Flight event tonight. However, the IFATC team will still be happily providing ATC Coverage throughtout the normal hours of FNF. Our chosen region is Southern California.

There will no set theme or aircraft restriction for tonight - just come and enjoy yourself however you wish. Make the most of your remaining time with the current version of IF😏

IFATC have been instructed to try to stay away from the big busy bravos, and control something a little more unique - I’m sure we’ll all have fun flying at some of the more interesting fields!

As always, we remind you of the need to follow all ATC instructions and to show courtesy to other users.

Happy Flying, hope to see you all out there!


Hmm…“make the most of remaining time with the current version of IF”.


Yep…don’t know if you heard but there’s a pretty big update just around the corner! :)


Does that mean y’all will forgive me if I “make the most of my remaining time with the current version” if I fly from KLAX to KNUC? 😈


I’ll ghost you if you do that Dan😜


Bwhahahahahha I know right ahahah maybe he didn’t get the memo

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In an A380, right? 😁


Absolutely, I’ll bring in an AF A380 with an Air Canada callsign.



I will be flying the fantastic and legendary spitfire I fly spitfires in real life as well as p51s I will take part in this tonight but not for long as I’m flying this weekend at warbird weekend

Just make KNXP busy guys thats the goal for this evening :).

By the way what server will this be on ?

It’s an all server event (well…ish, y’know), but IFATC will be controlling on Expert.


Ok Great Roger that 😆

Thank you for making this an only smaller airports controlled event. SoCal has so many great smaller fields that seemed to be ignore quite often.


Would be nice to see KEDW opened up for once. Rarely is ever opened up. WOuld be lovely to take some Military jets out of there.


the goal is to open less bravos…

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I’ll need flYing to a few places KEDW will be one of them LAX is always full so yeah will be nice to fly somewhere new

While it may be a Bravo it is one that I have never personally seen IFATC on. I understand not opening the usual, KONT, KPSP, KSAN, and KLAX but there are still a few class Bravos that meet that unique criteria.

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Everybody come load the SoCal region on Expert! Let’s get this region Poppin!