Friday Night Flight - Norwegian Records @ ENGM - 140700ZSEP18


This event is going to be cool I am going to klax


Great, looking forward to this as never flown in to Norway on IF before ( have done irl as a passenger though to Oslo!). Think will do a North Sea hop in bound from EGKK. , though might swap up the 738 for the 789!


Will be flying from New York to Oslo in an hour’s time! Looking forward to it! Those who are interested in joining me, just pm me! Happy Flying Captains.


Hope to see ESGG to be active! Some hometown flights would be fantastic. Personally I’ll use my favorite aircraft A320-200-Winglets. Probably Lufthansa/SAS.


Don’t think we’ve had a Scandinavian FNF for a while! Should be quite fun seeing more than a lot of Red Noses! Considering flying New York or Doha to Oslo!


As a matter of fact, departing New York in 5 Mins to Oslo :)


Norwegian is an amazing airline for its price level. I just love the airline and I hope to be able to participate today. Thank you


Have a good luck! I am sure everything will be okay !


Happy ghosting! I hope it goes well and that pilots behave for you. Good luck.


Good effort and I reckon it will be worth it!


Enjoy! There is also an event on Sunday out of LFPG. Go for that as well maybe. Events are so cool.


Ah, a fellow pedant although you let the side down with “little redundant”. Surely an oxymoron don’t you think?


Can anyone open ENCN in about 1 hour?


I will do a week long flight from ENGM to the next week’s FNF airport on expert. I will have lots of stopovers.


Idk, probably. I would have to look that one up.


Looks amazing but my sub just ran out so you guys have fun and enjoy Scandinavia


May we come free with any aircraft we want ?


Yeah you can come with any aircraft/airline…It’s just that Norwegian Air/Shuttle is featured today :)


Well !

Swiss flight 301
Airbus A321
Departing 1750Z
Arrival ~2000Z


You all did a great job just now spacing yourselfes out without approach to vector you to final! Give yourselfes a round of applause. 👏