Friday Night Flight - Norwegian Records @ ENGM - 140700ZSEP18


Ooh!! An FNF in Scandinavia, interesting!

My Flights:

YPAD-ENGM (Norweigian 787-9) (NRS4926)
ENGM-LOWW (Norweigian 737-800) (NAX1632)


Awesome event.Your good at this job @MishaCamp


See you guys in the skies!


Looking forward to this. Will be my first Inifinite flight event. Lets go!


At last, my inner Norwegian will be released. This is great.


Isn’t that almost every FNF for you?..


I’m gonna fly from ENGM-EIDW, and then pull off a transatlantic from EIDW-KSWF in the 737? I don’t really know…


I’ll fly with you, what gates?


Gonna be Coming from one of Norwegians many focus cities (N.Y.C)in a 787 (obviously)


I’m not taking off until tomorrow


Good to know…what gates though?


I don’t know yet I’ll look tomorrow


Are you Pacific coast


Yes I am. If you would like to continue please PM me 😊


Except no Rednose callsign


Just for the record, Norwegian only flies the 737 and 787. So to say Norwegian and then the airplane model is a little redundant isn’t? It would be better if you said all Norwegian aircraft.


Ill be flying klax engm while I’m at school so when I arrive home I’ll land at engm btw I’m Norwegian so I’m looking so much forward for this event


If only A/P didn’t shut off and I get 5 bios I’d be able to do expert ;( Oh well I’ll dk training


Im so hyped, this is my first If event!


Woo-HOO! I’m excited!