Friday Night Flight - Northwest Airlines Commemorative Flight @ KSEA - 011730ZJUL16

Hey everyone!

Join us for this week’s FNF Event:
Northwest Airlines Commemorative Flight

This week we pay tribute to Northwest Airlines (yes I am biased). It is sad to not see NW in the skies any more but the memory will live on! It would be great to see the ramps and the skies of Seattle filled with this awesome airline!

There are no established routes for this event. Join us in Seattle in any Northwest livery aircraft for this event! Team up with other pilots for formation flights, ramp screenshots, or to just for the love of flying on Infinite Flight.

Post your best screenshots for a chance to have it shared on our Official Infinite Flight Instagram page at

Region: Seattle

NOTAMS: Do not exceed 550 kts GS (Ground Speed) below FL400.

Server: All Servers Event (Your choice)

Aircraft: Any Northwest Airlines Aircraft (Preferred but not required. All aircraft are welcome)!

FNF Event Hours:
Begin - Friday 7/1 @ 17:30 ZULU (10:30am PST)
End - Saturday 7/2 @ 9:30 ZULU (2:30am PST)

Follow all ATC instructions when services are available, be respectful of everyone who is flying, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

See everyone in Seattle!

Happy and Safe Landings!

Skyhawk Heavy
FDS Pilot Community Manager


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Why does an official event always have to be in a paid region? I’ve only been to two events… :|

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Simple solution…get live+😉


Yeah… Don’t have the money for that.


This means I get to bring out my NWA shirt!! Yay! :) great event!

They alternate. Something you just have to deal with!

There have been several events in free regions.


Awesome picture ;)

My simple advice for getting money to buy more planes/regions/live+


Eh, I won’t need this. My summer job starts in a week, and by then I should have money for Live+.

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I will be there, on the flight deck as well as in some tower 😎

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Well, can’t make it. Don’t have that region. My next event will be in 2 weeks.

RIP Northwest Airlines. If only us non-beta testers were able to fly that NWA A319 for the event…


I can’t come, but I hope whoever does has a great time! :)

There is 3 pictures more to come once I have a group flight

Just had a fantastic flight! My best photo:



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