Friday Night Flight - Military Scramble @ KSUU - 310700ZAUG18

Can’t wait! I will be there

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Looking forward to that! 👍👍

Can’t wait to be blaring Danger Zone during this event. I’ve always wanted a Military/Top Gun FNF! 😃


oo actually that sounds great, a KC-10 around the country hm… I’ll have to put that on my to do list tomorrow

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This is precisely the type of event I have been waiting for, since I only fly the F-22, nothing else. Normally this means you don’t see me at FNF events. Tomorrow, this will change…


Just a heads up, it would be better if all pilots kept dogfights etc to at least 50nm away from the target airport. On part of IFATC, it’ll be a huge problem if we have pilots doin loops within our control zone, but definitely go out there and have fun! Looking forward to this event.


Just a friendly reminder to all pilots:

Most of us know that the fighter jets and C130’s don’t have speed restrictions below 10,000 feet. We all love the need for speed, however, when under ATC control (Approach, Tower, Departure), please pilot your aircraft at a reasonable speed. Example: don’t fly at 800kts immediately after takeoff.

Controllers on the Expert Server may ghost pilots who’s speed is too excessive for the given situation.

Thanks for your understanding. Looking forward to seeing all the military aircraft tomorrow!




Wow! Thta will be awesome event! Can’t wait to make formation flight with my friends!


Amazing FNF!! Finally some military action. Catch OFNIR doing some refuelings starting at KLSV and ending at KSUU Friday evening. See you guys there !

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You guys might just see a massive flight of IFAEGAF aircraft somewhere… 👀

Our Tanker squadrons will probably set up some refueling service too!


Great event! But what did you do to Mark? I’m onto you Mish…

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You should look into IFAEGAF Global Air Force


Yes, Misha changed it for whatever reason he may have…?

KSUU is now the Main Base for tomorrow’s event and KDMA has been added to the event.

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My Friday already started 🤣


I got info with someone that they had some problems with that airport so they had to change it

Does someone want to fly together with fighterjets Tommorow? I’m going to be a refueler

Looking forward to controlling this week’s FNF! Well done Misha.

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I’ll be attending! I will either flying a C-130j, Extender, Or an f16. Air force 1445 will be me!

If anyone needs to refuel, I may also be hanging around in a KC-10 Extender

Cool I’ll be in the old WW2 planes. Callsign-NBSYT