Friday Night Flight: MegaAviation! @ EHAM/OMDB - 110600ZJAN19

ATIS will tell you what to contact

The problem is that I didn’t get ATIS fréquency on the list. (Were far than 25NM) Now it’s ok i am tuned in schiphol appr

Go on to the map, select the airport, then you can listen to ATIS before tuning into approach


Forgot this feature.
Thanks for the reminder ! :)

Gotta love when simbrief estimates your flight time to the exact minute. On another note this was one of the smoothest flights I’ve had in a while. Traffic was well-sequenced and the runways at OMDB where being utilized efficiently. The most stressful part of it all was putting the arrivals and approaches into my flight plan (knowing I’d get vectors anyway) but it all added to the great experience. I’ll be doing more flights out in asia for sure.


Fun! We need more partnership opportunities like this ;)

Awesome! This is great @MishaCamp can’t wait to join!

Emirates 660 is flying from OMDB inbound to VRMM flying at 35000 ft above the Arabic Sea. Kudos to all the controllers in OMDB for the excellent handling of traffic. Inbound flights every 3-4 minutes and controllers had to squize the departures too!

My first FNF in expert server. A very enjoyable experience!

Flight Information:

Airline Callsign Route Altitude Flight Time Aircraft
Emirates EK440 Dubai - Adelaide FL360 11:50 777-300ER

Status: EK440 is Delayed by 25mins, Actual Departure 2245Z. Currently, Cruising at FL290. Flying over the Indian Ocean. ETE 9hrs 30mins.

This has been one successful and enjoyable FNF to participate in. I had a beautiful approach, as I landed on RWY 30R just passing above Laura herself. It’s time for me to head to the Land Down Under, see ya’ll some other day, Take Care and Safe Flights People ✈

hopefully the approach was good for you! thanks for coming by

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This was a nice event for me, especially in its early hours. However in the late hours, the second tower went offline, people starting reverse ops, using the 12’s when then 30’s were still active cause havoc.

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I’d love to see some events in the southwest region of the U.S. because that’s where I live

I really enjoyed my flight from OMDB to EHAM. I got to try out (and execute almost perfectly;) one of the famously weird OMDB STARs