Friday Night Flight: MegaAviation! @ EHAM/OMDB - 110600ZJAN19

I’ll be flying into Dubai from Amsterdam tomorrow, I really hope I get space to taxii at Duabi. This is probably one of the best FnF’s. Can’t wait to explore the amazing scenery in Dubai.

Should be a great night, looking forward to it! See you all there!

Don’t know if I should fly or be atc, this looks like one I can’t miss

What kind of airplane is that A225?

I believe it is the Antonov An-225, The Worlds Largest Aircraft, used for Massive Cargo Transportation.

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Looks fun! I’ll try my best to be there!

This FNF is very nice! I will try to make as many flights as possible!

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Sound like I will be doing some long haul tomorrow

On my way to EHAM from RKSI!

Oh this is gonna be so fun! But Dubai is probably going to just die (and maybe EHAM as well lol) from the sheer amount of unrealistic traffic.

Was the poll secretly made to see what plane they will rework or implement…?😏

Nah jk…

Hope something happens like this more frequently!

Looks like fun event! Im currently 2 hours away to Dubai. Expect delay :)

I’ll be there! Can’t wait!

Mega Friday Night Flight! :)

This should be good

Two and a half hours away from Dubai. Have to say I’m excited to get into the heavy traffic environment. Gonna have to be sharp!

Good luck controllers ob approach to Dubai and Amsterdam (you got a big job ahead of you, especially at Dubai)



Flight Information:

Emirates Airlines Flight 513 (EK 513), Delhi - Dubai, FL280, 3h 20min Flight Time, 777-300ER

Status: EK 513 has landed, on time, on schedule.


It’s real hectic here in Dubai! There’s a gosh darn long line for takeoff for RWY31L. Kudos to all the controllers handing the 100+ arrivals and ground traffic. Took off as Sky Dubai 712 to LQSA.

Which radar contacting first ? Radar Amsterdam?