Friday Night Flight: MD11F/DC10F African Cargo Links @ EDDP - 270600ZSEP19

Join us for this week's FNF!

After multiple weeks of heavy hitters, it is time to mix it back up! Welcome to this week’s Friday Night Flight. This week we celebrate all things cargo and MD11 and DC10! The aircraft are infamous for being workhorses in the cargo world, with many of them flying to and from African cities in the past, and occasionally present, decades.

We will have a hub airport of Leipzig/Halle in Europe. All other airports will be in Africa. We hope you all enjoy this quirky event this week, slowing it down and injecting something a little different. Don’t forget to check out the many wonderful liveries we have on the DC/MD family! There will be no established routes this week.

Which do you prefer?

  • DC10F
  • MD11F

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Event Details

Server: Any
Aircraft: DC10F/MD11F
Livery: Any

Airports Main Airports Secondary
HUB EDDP Leipzig/Halle HAAB Addis Ababa
GMMN Casablanca
DAAG Algiers
DNAA Abuja
DIAP Adibjian
GOOY Dakar
HSSS Khartoum
HUEN Entebbe
FLKK Lusaka

FNF Event Hours:

Begin - Friday 27th September @ 06:00 ZULU

End - Saturday 28th September @ 06:00 ZULU

September 27, 2019September 28, 2019


Great event misha! Looks like an interesting FNF as African airports aren’t in the top 50 busiest airports in the world so they don’t have a lot of attention on the ATC schedule


ITS time for Africa!

Thank you man Africa is great


This is amazing! Thanks Misha!

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Nice had Ethiopia for a big school project so might fly in there if I can

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The md-11and dc-10 are gonna make it lag central on high or medium graphics for some devices 😭😂


So any roughts to or from Africa

Plus MD-11 has like the highest landing speed lol


waka waka hey hey


Or between African airports. Free roam on this one!


Yes, but eddp is the main hub so I’d fly to or from there

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Cool, and can I swap the DC10 for a 747F or somthing. The DC10 is hard


Oh yeah dude the aircraft your choice It don matter, it’s just the recommended aircraft that’s all


Yes, no ones making you but most people would be in the dc-10 and md-11

Well, to add to that, no light aircraft. That’s the only limitation. ;)

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Imagine a turboprop tho that was just inbetween the MD-11s XD

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That depends on the IFATC at the airport. They can allow light aircraft if they wish. Nothing stopping them this week!


EDDP is not in Africa

Really great FNF! I’m excited to do some hopping around Africa!