Friday Night Flight - KLM 1st Intercontinental Jet Service Anniversary @ EHAM - 171730ZMAR17

Was half hoping you were about to say join us in a flight today from EHAM to KJFK

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If y’all see KLM 133 in a 739 that’s me lol

Great idea! I am definitely going to join the event on KLM B747-200. Thanks Mark
See you there

Blue skies

Just did a flight, great event Mark!


EHAM on Expert is pretty busy…pretty long takeoff queue at runway 24. Would help if more departures were sent to 18L.

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Funny that, I saw you earlier at EHAM on Expert!

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Spotted @Cameron_Brown @Mark_Denton @MishaCamp during the event!


Great flight today at the event with my beauty B787-10

I think I was the only one at the KLM event @schipol, most people were obviously at schipol for the St Patrick’s event… I think I only saw 2 KLM’s


also spotted few other KLMs @Dashsolpher1
I couldn’t find on forum Carl Mann and Andrew English

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Haha, I was flying earlier and saw them!

I was controlling EHAM today, and I definitely did not see that many Aer Linguses…


That’s because the St. Patrick’s Day event was on the Training Server. ;)


Were you on expert server

Parked with a KLM 747 and their partner an Air France 747 with a Delta 777 in the background! Skyteam meet up!

I was on training server 1