Friday Night Flight: Jet-2-Manchester @ EGCC - 100600ZMAY19


Join us for this week's FNF!

It is Friday Night Flight time! This week we turn to an underused and highly requested airport that needs some love! Now, we know what you are thinking, “it is KNUC!” but we will have to disappoint there. Where we won’t disappoint is in the actual location for this weeks event. We turn to Manchester airport for this event, a wonderful dual-runway airport in the north of the UK!

The airport plays host to a huge array of flights ranging from Ryanair right up to the Singapore A359! There is plenty of parking, and there are even a few A380 compatible gates to add the cherry on top. This week should be a blast, and if you are into themes, we suggest you fly Jet2 for a short haul network that reaches out to amazing holiday destinations around Europe!

Other airports open are all based in the UK and are also served by Jet2 alongside many other carriers we have in the simulator. Flybe is a small airline that flies between a few of these airports alongside a few flights by EasyJet and positioning flights by Jet2.

Do you prefer single, dual or multiple runway airports?

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So, post your best screenshots on Instagram or Twitter and tag us for a chance to have one featured on our social media pages. Simply tag us using @infiniteflight, or use hashtags #infiniteflight and #fridaynightflight. We look forward to seeing all your amazing photos!


Event Details

Server: Any


EGCC Manchester Hub

EGNT Newcastle
EGPF Glasgow
EGPH Edinburgh
EGNM Leeds
EGBB Birmingham
EGNX East Midlands
EGAA Belfast
EGSS Stansted

Aircraft/Liveries: Jet 2


Pattern work at controllers discretion.
Please follow the rules of each server as required.
There are no established routes for this event.
Have fun!

FNF Event Hours:

Begin - Friday 10th May @ 06:00 ZULU

End - Saturday 11th May @ 06:00 ZULU

May 10, 2019May 11, 2019



Excited to visit Manchester! Great choice.


AWESOME!!! love these airports!!


Finally!! This is also my home airport

A350 coming tOoMoRRow!?

In all seriousness, great FNF! Hoping to do some flights and maybe a long haul to Houston in the 787 😄


Really glad that a lesser used airline like Jet2 is being featured. I rarely see this livery in the Infinite Flight skies.


This is definitely exciting :) I’ll definitely be there :)

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Awesome planning, as always❤️ Great Job Misha🤘🏼Let‘s rock Manchester

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EGCC is a very good choice. Look forward to seeing you all there!!

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UK hopper. I will fly Dash-8 to every featured airports :)

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@Levi_Burgreave EGCC !!!


Loving the close proximity of the featured fields… Lots of takeoff’s and landing’s. Should be fun!

Manchester Airport is my local airport, I live 10 mins away!

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I like the airport but I do not know what it will be like with the back taxi runway (coming from the east), especially with a lot of traffic.

Aya. Can’t wait!! See you all tomorrow!

Can’t wait to fly this into Madeira!

uses Allegiant livery

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What’s more fun than a single runway FnF 😅


Should be 2 Runway Ops as Manchester uses Runway Crossing :))