Friday Night Flight - Infinite Flight Live 2 Year Anniversary Celebration @ PHNL - 161730ZSEP16

Hey community members!

Join us for this week’s FNF Event:
Infinite Flight Live 2 Year Anniversary Celebration

It is hard to believe that it has already been 2 years since the release of Infinite Flight Live and how it has bridged the community from all around the world. Let’s celebrate this anniversary and show our appreciation by taking flight in the beautiful Hawaii region. Any FDS livery is preferred by not required.

There are no established routes for this event. Come to Hawaii in any FDS aircraft to join in celebrating this event. Team up with other pilots for formation flights, ramp screenshots, or to just enjoy flying for the love of flying on Infinite Flight. Looking forward to some awesome screenshots!

Post your best screenshots for a chance to have it shared on our Official Infinite Flight Instagram page at

Region: Hawaii

NOTAMS: Follow all ATC instructions (when available). Ghosting will be enforced.

Server: All Servers Event (Your choice)

Aircraft: Any FDS Livery (Preferred but not required)

FNF Event Hours:
Begin - Friday 9/16 @ 17:30 ZULU (10:30am PST)
End - Saturday 9/17 @ 9:30 ZULU (2:30am PST)

Be respectful of everyone who is flying, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

See everyone in Hawaii!!

Happy and Safe Landings!



I’ll be there


I will be there making a spotting video at PHOG!

Happy 2nd FDS, Infinite Flight!!!


I’ll be there

I’ll be there

Ill hopefully be there also

My live+ subscription renews on the 18th :(, got my debit card on standby. I am excited for tomorrow

I can come because its on a Friday :)

This is when I will love to have the IF livery 787 :)


I will be there 🙌👌

I would come but unfortunately I am won’t be able to make it. Sad… 😢

Happy birthday Infinite Flight!


Congrats I might just purchase live to attend this event

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Why Hawai ?
For me everything have started at KHAF


Anyone want to met up to fly this

Because Hawaii is second favorite region.

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whats the IF Text called?

@Mark_Denton Any reason why Hawaii was chosen for the FNF? Just random? Just wondering. Hopefully I’ll show up to control late tomorrow night. :)