Friday Night Flight images

**1) Background is the approach path/hills/beach&sea too Depati Amir
airport runway 34 from Jakarta.

**2) Expert Server, Direct route from Jakarta too Depati Amir using a STAR for approach and manual landing,17:20-18:20

3) Photos


Very nice pictures @JasonG!

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Thank you so much glad you like them 😎✈️

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Very nice pics

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I really like the first image. The livery and the scenery with the light blue waters make it really cool.

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Thank you 😎✈️

Yeah it is a good photo and it all contrasts well together I agree, thank you, the different blue shades of water and the island below all looks amazing, thankful to Misha and the team for creating these routes allowing us to create some awesome photos and videos 😎✈️😎✈️