Friday Night Flight - Holiday Freight Hauling @ PANC - 151830ZDEC17

Sure! I’ll be there with my Dc-10 and 777-200F ❤

I’m in! I’ll take my MD-11F

Good morning Anchorage! I decided to add a short stop in Seattle, so I can drop off some cargo (really just trying to get my landings up ;p) Then pressing on towards KONT! See you out there!

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Just departed PANC on my way to CYVR for a quick hop. Thanks to the Unicorn Misha guy and that random unimportant Josh guy that seems to be bad at landings for the ATC

Off to Seoul Incheon INTL

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Would’ve mingled with the hustle and bustle and taken a DC-10 or MD-11 or some other plane to Barrow AK, but am currently planning for an overnighter cargo haul across Eurasia that’ll commence at 100Z. Didn’t feel like being on IF all afternoon before that!👌🏻 Hoping to make it to another FNF soon! Would’ve really enjoyed checking how Alaska looks with ATC.

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