Friday Night Flight - Heavy Cargo Haulin' @ PANC - 061730ZAPR2018

Will probably head over to Singapore in a few hours! Most likely in a 777 Fedex livery!

Please… an ATC come ghost this dude please…!


What server???

I don’t see anyone at PANC, has it ended??

It hasn’t started yet. You will see the most people on expert. Hope to see you there! @TheCoolPilot

Ah ok, what time GMT will it begin??

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At 1:15 am for me…haha, I’ll come tmrw singapore time!!!

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Are there any shorter routes that I can do a rotation on?

For all those asking:

  • There are no assigned gates (just don’t spawn where someone is)
  • There is no assigned server (but most will be on Expert)
  • There are no assigned routes (the ones above are recommended, but you don’t have to do them)
  • Follow all ATC instructions (ATC is there to tell you what to do and when. Think of them as a director of a film)
  • Have a fun and safe flight (enjoy it and don’t do anything stupid)

USCG-0004 is inbound.

Looks like a really cool event. Judging by the traffic around PANC on the expert server the turnout is impressive too!

I’ll be flying a FDX MD-11 from PANC down to KIND later in the day. Not expert qualified, but should still be fun.

It was on the expert. Oh well he just got away with one!

I think you just wanted somebody to help you unload your cargo !!!

Starting my FNF now. Feel free to join me at KSEA!

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about to go live on twitch at

come join as i fly cargolux 431 down to jfk

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I see @PlaneCrazy doing the same route as us!

@LaroseRoyce also spawned behind us and is coming on the same route.


I see you too, Have a good flight!

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USCG0004, 250nm out of PANC


Greetings from KBFI, Boeing Field.


About to leave KMEM bound for PANC Hopefully there is still heavy traffic

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