Friday Night Flight - Hawaiian Islands Island Hop @ PHNL - 031830ZMAR17

It’s not difficult to post a link to help them out :)

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Get the information, thank you

Great turn out so far thanks for the IFATC on expert for the enjoyable flight

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@Mark_Denton a few moments before his approach at PHTO.

It was so nice to fly in Hawaï in the Expert Server 😃. And the ATC services were super great. Thank you to all you, you did a great job!

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I kinda messed up on takeoff - forgot how hard the 717 is to fly:

I’m coming later, as usual :)

She’s a handful. I had to find this:


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In the end I just respawned and took off fine, but cheers for the link anyway!

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I could probably post this in best IF photos but I’ll put it here as well:


Great late flight with @IceBlue. Glad to have had the opertunity to fly with him again!

@Reedgreat. Can you explain my mistake and cause for ghosting, that was a wrongful ghost

Take it to a pm with the controller about a ghosting.


@Mark_Denton is the man!

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I tried I took it to David about wrongful ghosting

Amazing FNF FULL ATC the entire time I was on live! PHOG-PHNL and PHNL-PHTO

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David has nothing to do with IFATC contact the controller privately.

David has nothing to do with ghostings. If you can’t reach the controller, you can pm me.

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Just had a fabulous flight from Hondululu to Kahului! Wonderful ATC as usual ;). Triple 767 when I landed.

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