Friday Night Flight - Hawaiian Island Hop

This weeks FNF all servers event is a Hawaii island hop. Choose your favorite aircraft and visit as many islands as you can, or want.
No special procedures necessary for this casual FNF. Sign in, spawn your aircraft and go site seeing, or delivering passengers around the Hawaiian islands.

Take pictures and enjoy the ride.

All servers are welcome to follow the same tour instructions at a less strict pace.

As a reminder, we have extended FNF event duration another 6 hours. Start times are the same as all past events and will go on an extra 6 hours.

14 full hours to join and enjoy this event.

NOTAM: No procedures.

An ALL servers event. You can choose your level of participation by selecting the server you want.

•Free Flight Server - No violations. Very relaxed environment.

•ATC Playground Server - Violations apply, no ATC Ghosting. Try your best.

•ATC Advanced Server - All violations and rules are strictly enforced. Serious pilots fly here. Be sure to follow event procedures to avoid being ghosted. Be sure to check and understand the NOTAM if any are posted.

Feel free to participate any time during the start and stop times.

• Friday December 11th 2015

• Event Start Time - 20:30 ZULU (12:30PM PST)

• Event End Time - 10:30 ZULU Saturday Dec 12th) (2:30AM PST Saturday Dec. 12th)

• Region Of The Week: Hawaii

• Aircraft - All welcome

Share your event experiences and photos.

Happy landings


Awesome! Can’t wait.

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yes I’ve missed 2 FNF, this one i cant miss. (don’t care exams)!!
Almost flagged the post instead of book marking it ;(

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I’m also going to attend instead of revising!

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Hope the a321 for IOS comes out today or before the event starts!


Me too 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

I’ll go probably in a b717

Depends, If I have time, I’m coming in my Airbus A318.

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Aloha! I will be there, flying in from Switzerland on an A340. I already put my sunglasses on…
Happy landings to everybody

Finally, Just Bought Hawaii Region about a week ago and I Will not miss this!! Maybe I will come with My A321 or B777 😉

Being vecored for the iOS approach runway 26 to PHTO :) (advanced server) image

Since today, they are trying lower grading systems for the advanced server, I will be able to go one the advanced server (btw, I ALWAYS listen to ATC, unless they are vectoring me into land, telling me to take off from a red runway, etc) What is NOTAM? And is there anything else about the advanced server that is different from the playground server that I should know?

I would add- a red runway isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s actually a common misconception among pilots on here.

Red runways do nothing but indicate that there is a tailwind blowing in that direction- it does not render it inaccessible. Generally, 5-10 knots is a safe range to consider when using a runway that would have the red warning on it. Anything considerably larger would make it necessary for us controllers to switch to a more favorable runway- the tailwind would make it difficult for an aircraft to get to proper airspeed for departure.

On a happy note, this should be a good FNF. Looking forward to it!

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Thanks so much! Anything else I shoud know about the advanced server?

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One last thing, will there be ATC for Friday night flight tonight?

There will be & always is☺

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