Friday Night Flight - Haulin' Freight @ KMIA - 081730ZJUL16

Hey everyone!

Join us for this week’s FNF Event:
Haulin’ Freight in SoFlo

This week is a laid back event where we will be flying freight between MIA and TPA. We have plenty of cargo aircraft to choose from. Will you fly a 748F or fly one of the 208 Cargo Caravans?

There are no established routes for this event. Come to SoFlo in any cargo aircraft! Team up with other pilots for formation flights, ramp screenshots, or to just enjoy flying for the love of flying on Infinite Flight.

Post your best screenshots for a chance to have it shared on our Official Infinite Flight Instagram page at

Region: South Florida

NOTAMS: Do not exceed 550 kts GS (Ground Speed) below FL400. Ghosting will be enforced.

Server: All Servers Event (Your choice)

Aircraft: Any cargo aircraft (Preferred but not required. All aircraft are welcome)!

FNF Event Hours:
Begin - Friday 7/8 @ 17:30 ZULU (10:30am PST)
End - Saturday 7/9 @ 9:30 ZULU (2:30am PST)

Follow all ATC instructions when services are available, be respectful of everyone who is flying, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

See everyone in SoFlo!

Happy and Safe Landings!

-Skyhawk Heavy
FDS Pilot Community Manager



I hope I can come. I have only flown in SoFlo once.

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That’s 1 more time than me😒


@Mark_Denton can you add in theNOTAM that that is only enforced on the advanced

The speed requirement is the same for both the Advanced and Playground Servers. Ghosting can only be done on the Advanced server as I’m sure that most already know this.


So If I flew on PG at 600knots what will happen?

You should know the rules on both the Playground and Advanced servers. ATC on the Playground can and should be issuing speed commands if they see you or anyone flying above 550 kts GS. I would hope that you would be an example even when you are flying on the Playground server as you are fully aware of the speed restrictions.

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Well I know but recognized th a this won’t be applied to PG until you add the restriction to the system

The speed restriction is still applicable for the Playground Server. Thanks.


do you have to be on their frequency to be ghosted, this is for any reason not the speed restriction in particular as I’m intrigued to know. thanks

Now this is somthin for me :D

If you are ghosted by ATC, you should be on their frequency where they would issue you a speed reduction warning first. However, mods can ghost when they are flying.

Does SoFlo stand for South Florida region?

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Yes that is what it stands for.

I mean for example if I was not on their frequency and going 700kts could they ghost me?, don’t worry I never break the curent speed restriction anyway

So why even ask? If it is necessary, pilots will be ghosted. ATC should be giving warnings but a pilot can be ghosted without a warning.

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I said I was intrigued to know, I am just looking to find out how the ghosting system works, thanks for the informative response, now I know :)

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Lovin’ the idea! Expect me to be there

Thanks mate :)