Friday Night Flight: Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow @ KORD - 220600ZFEB19

If you attempt to fly between MDW and ORD during peak hours of the FNF you risk being ghosted without warning, save yourself and your controllers some energy 👻👻👻


Im still sure some people will do that… but the worst crime is…

Landing at KORD with a Southwest plane! You will be immediately ghosted! just kidding…


I’m flying from Tokyo ANA 787-10. Should be fun

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I love this series for FNF! I cannot wait to fly from Phoenix to Chicago tomorrow!

will definitely be doing this with a route of dfw-ord-mco


Gonna try and fly from Hong Kong

Hello! I can’t wait for this FNF. To help I have made a post about the procedures in KORD. If you want to check it out, here it is!



What a FNF!!! 😃👌😍


So the NOTAM means no flying KORD-KMDW and KMDW-KORD, right? We can fly to KMDW if we want, just as long as it’s not from KORD, right?

That would be correct.

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What if we are doing a flight where we have to cross both MDW and ORD?

I hope to see our United pilots there! I will be flying in!

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why is that I know its not a real fpl.

same thanks for the idea I will you ti with you I live in Dallas!

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I will be flying in from Denver and then out to KRSW!

hey maybe we could fly the route as wingmen my name in IF is Gemini_Jets_68_orlando_mco

my name is Jake lawson in infinite flight. and that sounds good but idk when I will do it so we will figure out timing tomorrow?

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Just curious is Chicago to South Bend permitted? It is around a 70 mile flight but is a real life route.

Chicago to San Jose (SJC) or San Jose to Chicago

The route I enjoy the most is KORD-KCRW and I highly recommend people try it. :)

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