Friday Night Flight: Friday Night in Moscow @ UUEE/UUDD/UUWW - 060600ZMAR20

When there s no school tomorrow and FNF is in Russia


Союз Советских Социалистических Республик a.k.a CCCP, USSR, Soviet Motherland, etc. anthem starts playing alongside some signature, Slavic hardbass.

I’m from Moscow! Can’t wait to fly there!


Couldn’t have asked for anything better tho amirite?

You’ll see me flying into UUWW on an Aeroflot 777-300ER.

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This FNF looks awesome! Can’t wait to explore Russia!
One question I have from reading the topic post:

Does this just mean IFATC can’t open at ULLI or are we just not allowed to fly there at all? I would just like some clarification on the quoted sentence above. Thank you!

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I see @MishaCamp you thought about me and my fellow Russians. Thank you I appreciate it.

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Also where was my tag? I am disappointed

Well I just started my first long haul from Chicago! (To UUEE) on an Airbridge Cargo 747-8. The 747-8’s fuel system is so messed up so I practically put in almost a full tank. I can dump some later 🤷‍♂️.

I don’t know what my second long haul will be during school yet, I’ll decide it on the spot.

I’m flying to Russia tomorrow. 100% not the reason for this FNF 😛


IFATC are required to open the from the list of airports given


Вот ето есть классный Полёт Пятницы Ночью! Обязательно буду прилетать в Москве! Я очень довольный!

T: Managed to get a Russian keyboard on my phone. Not very easy to use… T: This is a cool FNF! I will absolutely come fly to Moscow! I’m very satisfied! Can’t wait to honour my home culture! Sad that ULLI is closed because I would’ve loved to use that since I went there in August.

You’re amazing

Ah dang. Hope you get out of this shi…owering rain with no trouble. I’m almost thinking about tracking your flight (I don’t know it anyway lol) but I’m most likely going to be in school. Enjoy it there. I’d be interested to go and explore a new society 🤔

I’m HYPED!!! 🤘🤘😍

Thank you, Misha. But my main question is are we still aloud to fly into/out of ULLI to/from for example, Moscow?

(To explain further, would I be aloud to do the route UUEE-ULLI [for example] or the other way around?)

Seems as if “closed to all traffic” would indicate that no flights are permitted from ULLI, at all. If Misha stated that with a different intent, I’m sure he’ll clarify further. :)

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да конечно я был там на августа в москве

Picked my three songs for my time lapses!

Sorry if USSR is inappropriate, flag if too inappropriate

Good picks!