Friday Night Flight! Frankfurt to San Diego!

Frankfurt to San Diego

Airbus A330-300 Lufthansa

Callsign: LH498VA

Server: Expert

Flight Time: 13:14 (longer time as there we were given vectors approaching San Diego)

Loading cargo and passangers as we get ready to head to San Diego!

Starting up engines, testing flaps and airbrake…

And we are off! Expecting a nice flight with a few delays approaching San Diego. Bye bye Frankfurt!

Moon Shot right after departing Frankfrut!

Cruising at 36,000 feet over Greenland as food and beverages are being served…

Over WInnipeg airport (CYWG) just before entering the US.

Descending into KSAN as we are given vectoring instructions by atc…

We are cleared to land in San Diego with traffic holding short and the moon in the background!

Touchdown in KSAN hoping it was a butter!

Well here we are at the gates! Beautiful flight, took longer than expected but it was good in the end.
(@Ritesh321 in the background in an Alaska 739)
Thanks for checking this out! Tell me which was your favorite picture and I hope you have a great day wherever you are in the world and well see ya IFC! Happy flying…


Love the third to last shot Miguel! Love the A330! :)

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Nice pictures! Very long delays………

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Nice shots. I hope you enjoyed your flight to San Diego from Frankfurt. And nice controlling ATC at KSAN where there were a whole bunch of delays due to vectors among air traffic approaching SAN airport

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Your landing shot is insane, but Citilink at KSAN, omg ?


Ik unrealism levels innit?

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My fav shots were 4 and 9 nice Miguel :) hopefully we can do a flight sometime

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Sure can! Thanks for checking this out!

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