Friday Night Flight - Flying Down Under @ YPPH - 231830ZFEB18

Hahaaha 😂😂
Thanks for the great laugh!
… “hope the winds are favorable” 😅
See you there next week

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It actually works out quite well for us. We can fit in a long haul and land during peak time. Another advantage of being Australian ;)


I hope to make it to the event. Studying takes priority, but I shoul dbe able to squeeze in a quick flight.

Are people still flying?

Of course! Spawn at YPPH and see how the traffic is!

Yes im en route to KLAX

Heres my Youtube video its live

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@Tyler_Shelton have a safe flight

@Mark_Denton if you are in the A380 about to head off to London that is a very long, long hual. Have a Great Flight!


All major Aussie centres (plus more you can’t see without zooming in) open good job ifatc

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Talk about workload image


Are there ever going to be established routes again?

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Sorry for who ever I ran over this after noon at Perth, I was checking my FPL, my mistake

Streaming my flight right now:


Just competed Dubai to Perth. 14kt crosswind on runway 03 made for a tricky landing 😬

currently flying to EGLL in a 787! It says I won’t have enough fuel to make it though :(

Flying to OMDB tonight 👌
:/ there’s literally no one here

Here’s the link if anyone is interested

I know how to change voices but which one did you choose?

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I think mine is American male. It’s what I normally have Siri use.

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I know one thing, Samantha gets on my nerves @Cbro4