Friday Night Flight - Flight Of The Retirees

SAA B742 will be flying there

Good in what server?

Yeah the one of Spanair

I can never come to this event becous of the timing it has, on my timezone

All towered airports are manned! Come join the fun :)

I just controlled 8 minutes at KOSH, PG…
I didn’t take it any longer. There were people standing in front of a runway, too s*upid to contact TWR even after sending 15 on guard warnings and taking off then. Others need two clearances before taxiing and taking off. Nobody knows what remaining in the pattern means. One guy took off - 3rd in line - no clearance, accelerated down the runway, rejects takeoff and sends “executing missed approach”, then he made a 180° turn and tool off again, no clearance - of course (because who needs clearances nowadays). In total there were 8 planes having no idea what they’re doing and 1 guy that actually did. In 8 minutes. Thanks to whoever was Lufthansa 2016.


I’m going on line in a matter of mins!

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I would like to apologise whole heartedly to Jeebak Roy (@JeebakR ) on advanced this FNF, as I looked up my finger rested on full throttle and I ended up crossing the runway without permission, (it was bad enough me making a mess of my taxi, so this was mortifying.) I quit the game the instant I saw what had happened.
Sorry, once again.

Other than that great FNF.

To ATW Ground:

I’m sorry, wasn’t paying attention and made multiple taxiing errors! Not a good decision to use IF live and participate in the real world at the same time.

Finally parked and retired

Maybe will come with an AF 747. Just Retired 2 weeks ago

This event has already taken place … The new Fridya night Flight which will commence this week is :