Friday Night Flight - Final A-320 Certification Celebration

This weeks Friday Night Flight Flight is a celebration for the launch of our newest and most detailed aircraft so far; the Airbus A-320.
We will have a special final certification test flight scenario with very specific instructions (See NOTAM link below) for test pilots to perform before delivery to the airline.
Select any A-320 (A-321 welcome if only option) and get ready to complete the final certification test flight procedures over Paris. Be sure to check the NOTAM link below and have a copy or display of the instructions on another device if you opt for the Advanced ATC server.
The other servers are welcome to follow the same NOTAM scenario instructions at a less strict pace.

As a reminder, we have extended FNF event duration another 6 hours. Start times are the same as all past events and will go on an extra 6 hours.

14 full hours to join and enjoy this event.

NOTAM: Certification scenario. Copy to a note pad, or second device to have near by during flight.

An ALL servers event. You can choose your level of participation by selecting the server you want.

•Free Flight Server - No violations. Very relaxed environment.

•ATC Playground Server - Violations apply, no ATC Ghosting. Try your best.

•ATC Advanced Server - All violations and rules are strictly enforced. Serious pilots fly here. Be sure to follow event procedures to avoid being ghosted.

Feel free to participate any time during the start and stop times.

• Friday November 13th 2015

• Event Start Time - 19:30 ZULU (12:30PM PST)

• Event End Time - 09:30 ZULU Saturday Nov 14th (2:30AM PST Saturday Nov 14th)

• Region Of The Week: Paris, France

• Aircraft type: Airbus A-320 or A321.

Share your event experiences and photos


I’ll be there in my AF A320. :)

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I will be there

No ATC on playground right now…

this is a advanced server event

It says all servers event