Friday Night Flight - Father Of The 747 Memorial Flight @ KSEA - 021730ZSEP16

I’ll be there on TS1.

I’ll be there what is the flight plan???

Please read the post fully :)

I will definitely be there!

I’ll probably be coming as ATC and pilot. I like this idea although I’m rubbish at flying the 747😂

I’ll be doing ATC on TS1 for a bit & attempting to fly the 747.

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Im dying

All jokes aside

May he rest in peace


Does anyone know where do the 747s park at KSEA and KPDX?

At the gate?

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Yes. I wish we had Kilt´s charts.

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Ok thankyou

Let me tell you something which will help all the 747 pilots
On the bottom of the screen in the game convert one of the thingamajings to (Bearing to next) after you draw your flightplan this helps to fly much easily
And set the vertical speed for landing with the help of the Small circle on Full Hud and center it on the Runwfay Number while landing

Will be there in the 747-200 may he rest in peace,

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Should I fly or control this time? I think I want to fly becuase Iike being vectored.

Can I come on Airbus ?

Just a tip for ya’ll, you wilk have a smooth autopilot activation after cleaning the aircraft.

While there’s nothing stopping you, why? It’s an event to celebrate the ‘father’ of the 747 :)

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He’s a rebel.

Can’t wait I’ll be there

It’s a 747 event![quote=“Mark_Denton, post:1, topic:65194”]
Come to the Seattle region in any 747

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