Friday Night Flight - Exploring Africa @ HECA - 210700ZSEP18

I just flew from Tunisia to Cairo, when I saw the map, there were many people flying to Cairo, this was very fun

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Glad you are enjoying it!


What server is it going to be on?

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It’s an all-server event. Of course, if you have access to the Expert server, then I recommend flying there. But it doesn’t matter which server, you can enjoy the amazing scenery in Africa on every server! :)


I can’t wait! I’ll be doing HECA - HSSS (2 hour flight) in about 45 minutes. Feel free to join me!

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If anyone didn’t receive any response to requests for 5-10 minutes around 20 minutes ago, apologies. I had technical issues, wasn’t able to see aircraft on the map, and thus couldn’t respond.

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Enroute to HECA in a 787-9 from EGLL Virgin 55 Stunning Scenery

Looks good! I’m gonna be there shooting some cool video content!


is there currently an APPR controller at HECA?

Expert server for FNF usually.

The ATCEG do their best to support the expert ATC schedule and airports on the Training Server including FNF events 👍

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Thanks guys !
Because of a speed violation on my departure, I am not able to take off from Cairo in Expert so see you in Training

I saw you to the right hand side of me I was Qatari heavy don’t know if you noticed me I felt bad

I guess I’ll bless the rains of Africa

I would love to attend another magnificent FNF held by the FDS team! But, sadly, I have my own event to attend will be sure to attend next weeks!

So good! 😁


Already there! Can’t wait!

how long until departure?

Sounds TODOally awesome 😉

image image image