Friday Night Flight - Elegant Emirates @ OMDB - 081830ZDEC17

I think we arrive too early 😂😜 . This should be an awesome event 👌🏽👍🏼


I wish I could attend, FNFs are always a professional blast (on expert) lol

I just took off from LSZH and will be there in about 7h

Yes! My favorite airline and region!

Engines starting in Stockholm, early arrival into the FNF, see you there !

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Yay!! Will definitely attend!!

Once I have time, I’ll do a short hop from Kuwait City and then to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Heading to Los Angeles!

Where are we landing

Where do we fly, or do we just do pattern work in Dubai?

No pattern work, but you can fly in or out of OMDB

Fly anywhere you want.

If you read the NOTAM it says no pattern work during FNF hours

Android users, you guys may be able to fly in with your DC-10s or MD-11s! Enjoy your FNF

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Just so you know, OMDB ready for business on Expert server

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See you in about 2 hours if your still controlling then.

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Is there a map of the airports you guys will have open during FNF? Doubt it will be just OMDB. Just an idea for future FNF’s to add in the other airports you guys plan on having open like you do for the ATC schedule.

Thanks for making this such a great event!



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