Friday Night Flight - East of the Urals @ ULLI - 070700ZSEP18

Fantastic FNF. It is brilliant to explore new and interesting parts of the world. Helps broaden all our horizons…
Really looking forward to see what else you have up your sleeve. Brilliant job!


Just curious, why is there no atc at ULLI?

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I am sure someone will open it shortly. IFATC are coordinating in Slack as we speak (:


After a brief, self-imposed holding pattern and a lengthy approach into busy ULLI, I am greeted on short final by someone deciding to start their takeoff roll. I had to execute a missed approach already low on fuel. Props to @Karl.Luebs for getting me back around quick and on the ground as I was huffing fumes. Note to self for FNF…bring more than the hour+ of extra fuel normally loaded. #2hoursextrafuelforFNF #Siberian620

On a related note to whoever decided to enter the runway on my short final, an ATC-change announcement is not license to run rampant. Use good sense and “look both ways,” or just sit tight and wait for the new ATC to come on.


Thanks! I really enjoyed that FNF as pilot and ATC (again after a few months).
Hope everything was good even though I got quiet busy at some points.

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You crushed it today. Thanks for the solid ATC service


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Heading there on a connecting flight from EHAM - UUEE - ULLI (KLM changing to S7 Airlines)

Just got done with spitfire patternwork at unnt. Coporate 11 was holding short of rw25 as I had my best landing in the plane ever. Super soft and no bounce!!!:) thanks to all the controllers for making this game more enjoyable.

Wow I’ve never flown deep in the great big Russia around Novosibrik.,it’s 3am for us eastern folks…
Looks like it will be a as usual great FNF

EDIT: Wait I think it’s over already 😂 😂 😂

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I don’t think I’ll be doing another of these events… I was on right downwind like I was supposed to be then the ATC at Moscow tells me to follow ATC instructions and I was… I give up… I didn’t stay up until 1am to be ghosted for following instructions, thanks.

Please read this and try to contact the ATC at that time

Best thing to do would be DM the controller it will clear things up for you 👍🏻

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I was told to go right downwind which I assumed was correct.
For those that are confused, this is what basically happened (NOT CORRECT AIRPORT)

This chart shows what Right Downwind is. Based on the graphic provided, it seems you were trying to enter Left Downwind.


Here’s a helpful tutorial if you need more assistance:

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Yes, but I was trying to correct myself but he wouldn’t let me which is why I’m annoyed. What annoys me the most is that I flew from Dubai - Amsterdam - Hopefully Moscow which took me ages… And it payed off to end up in a ghost… So I spent around 8 hours flying to this event, its now almost 2AM and I get payed by a ghosting…

Edit: The ATC was “Heavy Driver”

When it’s busy, IFATC often doesn’t have time for second chances on manners like this. Remember to be extra diligent in the future to hopefully prevent this.

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If you’d like to further discuss, feel free to PM me and/or @Heavydriver :)

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just landed at ULLI 1:06 flight time. I landed in 0.15 km visibility I’m not kidding.

Facts,just landed at 9:26pm(New York Time),couldn’t see anything,landed in the middle of the runway and flared at 100% and ended up over running the runway luckily I didn’t crash

Transport hub isn’t a mod… if you have questions feel free to ask me or one of the other mods but your ghosting stands!

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