Friday Night Flight - Dulles Diversion @ KIAD - 251730ZMAY18

is fnf the whole weekend?


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ok, thanks @Dubya i can fly after all

Something doesn’t add up here but I can’t seem to put my finger on it… 🤔🧐


How long do you intend on staying up there @THE-OP ?

I’m currently flying in from Philly

A long time…




If I put my settings on high it will lag I have android

Going to be heading from KCVG, now. Sorry for being late, had a family event.

Can I join you I feel like flying

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You shouldn’t have to worry about collisions in the flight levels. Any aircraft even on the exact same flight plan should + or - 2000 feet based on how IFR altitudes work. If you do, then you ran somebody down and passed through them, didn’t plan correctly, or another aircrafy is $


There’s no need to explain hiw altitudes works. Save yourself some time, i already know but many thanks to you for explaining. I’m just wondering what IRL, does airliners check-in with controllers when they pass over a airspace regardless of their altitude?

Yes they do, it’s called enroute control. They manage aircraft, obviously, enroute to their destination. They are set up in various zones in the US. Here is wiki a on the matter:

To model this in IF would require a lot of manpower, to which, IFATC doesn’t have.

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It is after FNF and this morning ~2hrs ago the TFR was still there. It also blocks heavies from KBWI.

I spelled that out wrong, oops, i meant that i know airliner get in contact with controller but i was wondering whether i need to do it or not but i’ve talked with Starley on PM so he explained about what Center ATC is about and everything.
Tthe fact that Centre controlling is removed since Global is within my knowledge but thanks either way to you :)

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FWIMC…I keep seeing devs and staff and mods being almost routinely highlighted in either text or pics when also reading regular admonishments about such behavior …so then my simple query is …what is proper and what is not !!!

There are Center controllers IRL (Boston Center, N.Y. Center, etc.) so they’re talking to controllers whose airspace they’re actually in. Not tower or approach for the airspaces they pass over.


Yea, thanks for telling me. I’ve learned that now. Kind of you guys to ponit that out :)
Learning from my mistakes…

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