Friday Night Flight - Dubai Disco @ OMDB/OMAA 240700ZAUG18

Join us for this week's FNF:

Dubai Disco

We head back to the Middle East to highlight Emirates, Qatar, and Etihad! Come out and show your pride in supporting one of these very beautiful and amazing airlines. There are plenty of aircraft to choose from for this week’s FNF as we feature these iconic airlines!

Post your best screenshots on Instagram and Twitter and tag us for a chance to have one featured on our social media pages. Simply tag us using @infiniteflight, or use hashtags #infiniteflight, #fridaynightflight, #dubaidisco. We look forward to seeing all your amazing photos!

Event Details

Server: Any

Airport: OMDB and OMAA

Aircraft: Any Emirates/Qatar/Etihad aircraft


Pattern work at controllers discretion.
Please follow the rules of each server as required.
There are no established routes for this event.
Have fun!

FNF Event Hours:

Begin - Friday 24st August @ 07:00 ZULU (12:00am PDT)

End - Saturday 25th August @ 07:00 ZULU (12:00am PDT)

August 24, 2018August 25, 2018


Misha’s first FNF as a team player, This will be great! Guessing he had some part to play in the location and name. 🤷‍♂️😉


What a surprise! An FNF by Misha 😱


Gonna be chaotic, but haven’t seen an FNF here in ages. Great choice (obviously, as its Misha lol)!

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Love this new formatting as its very simple and easy to understand! Already planning a long haul.


Mischa, what?! Good job on your first one!

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Great FNF As Always!

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You can expect me coming in from LGAV 🙂 great choice, Misha!

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GREAT tomorrow I’ll make a route from LEBL to OMDB with the A380

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@MishaCamp irst FNF.Good Choice for FNF.Good luck🙂

Glad you like it! It should be more accessible for everyone, and it looks nice [I may be a tad biased there…]


Need a good airport to fly from? Try OJAQ!

King Hussein International Airport (OJAQ) is in Jordan and is known to be a very underserved airport, however with great scenery being near the sea. The Etihad A321 and the Qatar A319 would fit this route perfectly!

I’ll probably be doing OJAQ-OMAA tomorrow so let me know if you want to join :)

Credit to @C_Baccari for posting an excellent topic on this (don’t be misled by the title):


Going to do an overnighter with @Starley to OMAA. No confirmed departure airport yet.

Looking forward to It!

Hopefully its not a Mishap

get it


You Absolute Legend 😂😂😂

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I guess no one will be complaining about posting time today…


That was truly punderful

Looking forward to join @MishaCamp !!