Friday night flight down to Florida! KORD-KMCO trip report!

Hi! Today I wanted to do another United trip report on a flight I did on the B752 a month ago! And I also wanted to do another trip report on the B752! I hope you all enjoy!

IAS 0.87
Training Server
1:57 flight time

Hello everyone! Today I am flying to KMCO to spend some time with my family for the first weekend in December! And I also needed a getaway because I am getting really exhausted from school lately so why not a nice and relaxing getaway to see my family!

My airplane, United B752!

My seat 18D

Takeoff, goodbye Chicago!

This will be a pretty normal flight as we climb and looking at some views of western Indiana.

KSDF airport

Flying over the Smoky Mountains!

As I am eating my delicious meal and watching some shows on the United direct TV, we are looking at a pretty nice sunset over southern Georgia!

Nice view of downtown Orlando and also flying directly over my hotel I will be staying at!


Thanks so much United for taking me safely down to KMCO so I can see my family for the weekend before I fly to EGLL for work and staying there until Christmas, and then I will be back to KMCO, but anyways I really enjoyed your service and I love flying on the B752!

I hope you all have enjoyed and stay tuned for KMCO-EGLL and have a great rest of your night and weekend everybody!


.87 seems really fast for a 757
But great pics!


Thank you!


Another amazing Trip report

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Thank you all so much!

Amazing trip report as always

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Wow! Thank you, I wonder why people like this trip report so much? Usually I never get this many comments this early.

Thanks for the likes!