Friday Night Flight - Dash Around Denver @ KDEN - 151730ZJUL16

It should be!

Approach controllers dont have the “Aircraft too large/too heavy” command. So Approach hands them off to the Tower to issue this denial command.

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Sorry to be annoying here - but is that 5:30pm in the UK? 😂

Turn Around flight (KEGE-KPUB)


I was controlling @ KEGE!

Hahaha there’s a Dash 8-Q400 on the Denver server at the minute doing 560kts


I must have been me. It was me. On advanced lol.

I took a flight this morning, and the controller at KASE said that my 747 was too heavy for the airport, so I just quit the game and respawned in a 767, lol. Wish I would’ve known, I’m not too familiar with Denver region.

I just flew that flight in the United a320!

Nothing larger than a 757 or 321. Did you get away with the 763?

Yes, it is for ASE and EGE on the PG and Advanced servers. Working to have it implemented within the app as well.

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Slow down (if this was you as you stated.) There should be NO reason why you are flying 560 kts GS in a Dash 8-Q400.

@Mark_Denton I have a few pictures for Instagram:


I hope one of them makes the cut :)

Thank you. When submitting pics for IG, make sure that all settings are on high and that there are no name tags shown. We want the pic to be as clean as possible.


Oh I forgot about that.

Well, that’s one busy KASE airfield. Would like to thank IFATC Hamza Adan (Ithink it was this guy) for the way he handled the traffic. Done in a thoroughly professional matter.

P.S. - The Mod needs to declare himself ☺️😉


I see my self in the picture.Behind the delta 738

As an Air Force One plane?

No, as a generic Dash 8.

I did as soon as i realised it! I was fiddling with FP. Bad cockpit scans on my part!